How do you check-in at NOMAD Hotels?

At NOMAD Hotel Le Havre :

Checkin LH

At NOMAD Hotel Paris Roissy CDG :

Checkin Roissy

Any question ?

+33 (0)2 30 260 260

Express check-in, 24/7


  • Quick and seamless check-in thanks to the NOMAD automatic terminals that await you 24/7 in the NOMAD living space.
  • Members of staff are 100% available to welcome you and assist you throughout your stay!
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And when it's time to go...


There again, we’ve made your life easy! When it’s time to leave, you simply drop your key card at the check-out terminals that are available at the exit and everything is done for you! If you’d like to receive your bill by email (and only if you do), no problem! Your bill will be emailed to you after you leave.