The room

A room that adapts to your moods

Don’t bother searching for a Suite at a NOMAD Hotel! All our rooms are identical, because everyone should be able to sleep in a high quality, comfortable bed.
Whatever your room number, you will always enjoy the same level of comfort and the same facilities: the renowned top-lit NOMAD shower, video projector… all controllable from your touchscreen!
And whether you’re a single, double, or the whole family, our beds are fully adaptable!

If you’re travelling alone, you don’t really need a double bed! The NOMAD single is 1m20 wide ;) You can even move it around the room into the ideal position! But if you do want to lose yourself in a comfy double bed, NOMAD Hotels gives you the choice.
And if you’re travelling with your family, you’re sure to appreciate our extra-wide 2m20 beds – with ample room to share breakfast in bed with the whole tribe!


At NOMAD Hotels, you won’t find “standard, comfort or superior” rooms, instead we offer a unique concept of rooms that adapt to your needs and desires!
Over 16m2 of open-plan room, touch tablet, free broadband Wi-Fi, warm and natural fabrics and materials.

The facilities


With its spiral shape, the Nautilus opts for total transparency, making the most of the natural light...
This exceptional shower offers you the independent or combined benefits of massaging jets, a showerhead or a rain shower.

  •  16 million shower colors available
  •  Level sensor for ecologically responsible showering
  •  100% recycled shower tray

Immerse yourself in a great movie or relax with a game on the NOMAD tablet. Connect your computer or tablet thanks to the HDMI socket and project your content...

  • A video projecteur with image over 2m wide
  • More than 70 French and international channels and numerous web radio stations
  • BOSE speakers for unique sound quality
  • A mobile NOMAD bed that allows you to choose its orientation – for those who like to sleep facing north ;)
  • Extra-wide bed (for 1 or 2 people)
  • Or 2 separate beds

And we haven’t neglected quality either, with unrivalled comfort provided by BULTEX mattresses and tilting headboards.

controllable equipment via the nomad touch tablet
  • Electric shutters controlled via the NOMAD tablet or wall remote
  • Air conditioning and heating controllable from the NOMAD tablet or wall remote
  • Main LED lighting controlled in color and intensity via the NOMAD touch tablet: you’d like to personalize the atmosphere? The LED shower ceiling allows you to express your mood in color…
for the ultra-connected
  • USB sockets to recharge your equipment
  • HDMI connection for your computer or tablet
  • Free broadband Wi-Fi

Relax with a good movie, surf the internet, chat online, or for the more serious business guests, work on your PowerPoint presentation for tomorrow morning ;)

  • Oak floors
  • Wood wool suspended ceilings
  • Birch furniture
  • 100% recyclable shower tray and washbasin
  • Infinitely recyclable glass shower walls
  • Untreated cotton bed linen
  • Recyclable duvets and pillows
  • Sheets and towels washed without chemical treatment

If you’re travelling with family or friends, ask about our family rooms. Our hotel also has rooms for persons with reduced mobility (PRM).

Yes to useful technology!

In the NOMAD room, we thought of everything!
No need to get up from your bed to turn off the light or switch the videoprojector on!
You can control the entire room thanks to a tactile tablet for an incredible automation experience! Just lay back and relax ;)

Of course, the manual commands are still here just in case… but image yourself lying in bed, tablet in hand,


A videoprojector with a 2m large image


More than 70 french and international chanels and lots of webradios


BOSE speakers for a unique sound



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The NOMAD shower

The one of a kind NOMAD shower... the one that inspires thousands of WOW comments after your stay at NOMAD Hotels!

With its spiral shape, the Nautilus opts for total transparency, making the most of the natural light. This exceptional shower offers you the independent or combined benefits of massaging jets, a showerhead or a rain shower.

But it's certainly the "color therapy" that you love! Change the color of your shower thanks to the tablet, according to your mood!


16 million of colors available (the entire palette!)


Level sensor for an eco-friendly shower


100% recycled shower tray

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and for the techies...


Free high speed connection

Port USB

USB ports to charge your devices (no need for an adapter, you’ll be pleased to hear!)

HDMI sockets to share your computer screen or the tablet on the wall (great!)

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Relax in front of a good movie, surf on the internet, chat online, or, for the most serious persons, refine your PowerPoint presentation for the next day :)

AND that's not all...

The NOMAD room is full of other equipments for an unforgettable stay!

miroir sur pied

Free standing mirror

sèche cheveux

Hair dryer


Eco-label ANYAH cosmetics (soap, shampoo, shower) 

stores japonais

Textile panel blinds for a softer atmosphere (at Roissy)


Rolling shutters to pretend it's night time during the day (at Roissy)

porte bagage

Retractable luggage rack


Shaver socket (110-220V)


Original and functional wardrobes


Separate toilets

Group reservation

Are you planning a group trip? Tell us everything and we will get back to you  :)

Let's go !
A word from
our team of designers

Sleek, functional, authentic and welcoming; NOMAD Hotels uses the very best of Scandinavian design. Wood, leather, cosy furnishings and colourful notes… Discover the key ingredients of the NOMAD style, halfway between Nordic comfort and post-industrial lofts.

Rooms that symbolize our commitments

At each stage of designing the NOMAD rooms, we asked ourselves how we could reduce our ecological impact. As you can clearly see, eco-responsibility is one of our top priorities!


Recyled fishing net carpeting

We don’t roll out the red carpet at NOMAD, instead we have blue recycled fishing net carpeting in the corridors, which has a lot more class!


Praying for rain

Because here at NOMAD we’re concerned with looking after the planet, we’ve chosen to use rainwater for the toilets instead of drinking water!

tri selectif

Waste sorting

In the NOMAD room, you can even sort your waste...just like at home ;) 


All the things that YOU can do

Control your air conditioning, sort your waste or save water: we help you to minimize your environmental impact.

In short, that's the NOMAD room!

It's even better if you try it ;)

Rest and fun guaranteed!