Le Havre / Sign language courses / every tuesday at 3.45PM

Every tuesday at NOMAD Hotel Le Havre

language des signes

- First class from 3.45PM to 5.15PM
- Second class from 5.30 to 7.15PM

Open to all 

Sign language courses are given every tuesday in the NOMAD Hotel Le Havre lobby, the hotel is located a few minutes away from the Le Havre main train station.
2 courses are given every tuesday, the first one from de 3.30PM to 5.15PM and the second from 5.30PM to 7.15PM!

The classes are given in the hotel lobby, in an Olympian calm. People of different backgrounds gather to learn sign language, confortably seated in our comfy sofas. During winter time, they can even enjoy the warmth of our indoor chimney. And in case they get thirsty or hungry, they will find just what they need in the lobby in self-service!

The classes are given in small comity in order to facilitate people-to-people contact, the number of places is limited.
For further information or subscription, please contact the Sign language academy at the following number 09 72 39 95 55 or call the ASH at 02 35 22 43 64.

Let's meet in the NOMAD Hotel Le Havre lobby!


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