Trade fairs and exhibition centers near NOMAD Hotel Roissy

On the professional side... we can't lie, the hotel has an ideal location !


If you need to go to the Bourget exhibition center or at the Villepinte exhibition center... NOMAD Hotel is the perfect hotel thanks to its ideal location. 

What is more practical than being a few minutes away from the conventin center ? You will even have some extra time to have a nice breakfast at the hotel before getting there !
And icing on the cake... you will leave the exhibition center and be in your hotel room a few minutes after ! Don't you dream of avoiding Paris trafic jams ? 

The NOMAD Hotel Roissy CDG is 20 minutes away from the Villepinte exhibition center. Several trade fairs take place over there every year.

Our hotel neat the Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport is at equal distance of the Bourget exhibition center and the Villepinte exhibition center. These exhibition centers host all year long thousands of trade fairs with various themes. Near the Bourget exhibition center, you will find the Air and Space museum. Why don't you let yourself be tempted with a cultural outing ?

Amongst the most popular trade fairs : Maisons & objets, SIAL, Batimat, Emballage, Intermat and the Bourget air show. NOMAD Hotel Roissy CDG provides shuttles for the trade fairs with high influx at Villepinte, the departure is at 8.30am and the return is programmed in function of the end of the trade fair Please feel free to ask the NOMAD staff for more information.