Are you looking for a hotel near the parc Asterix ?

Look no further, the NOMAD hotel Roissy CDG is the hotel you need if you're looking for a hotel near the parc Asterix.

The parc Asterix has several attraction as well as live shows, perfect for day with family or friends. You can easily spend the day at the parc... if you get tired, a little bit of magic potion will get you back on your feet !

39 attractions are present at the parc... there is something for every taste !

Thrill seekers will be happy ! You will be served... between "Oziris" the roller coaster suspended at 40 above the ground, "Tonnerre de Zeus" for a breath-taking race and "La trace du hourramade in Gaule" !

If you want to enjoy this day with your kids, whay not try "Pégase Exress" or "Discobélix" ? We all know that Obelix took too much magic potion when he was little, whichi explains his legendary power.

The parc Asterix is located at Plailly, and even closer to the hotel than Disneyland Paris : count 2à minutes of transport... so, you will be the first on the "Pégase Express" ?

Do you want to do some good for the planet ? Nothing is simpler than taking public transport !
Our free shuttle will take you to Charles de Gaulle airport, you will then find another shuttle that will take you directly to the Parc Asterix in 20 minutes. Find the hours and the prices here !

After an entire day at the park, you'll probably be in the same state as Asterix and Obelix after a day of fierce battle against the Romans... very very tired !

Fortunately, you will have the chance to get back to NOMAD Hotel Roissy and find your cozy bed for a good night sleep !
If you are as hungry as Obelix, the buffet is opened until 10pm !

If you have already been to the parc Asterix, why not discover other theme parks near our hotel, such as Disneyland Paris or "La mer de sable" !