Want to have some fun during your stay at the NOMAD Hotel Roissy CDG ?

Adored by a major part of the worldwide population, theme parks attract thousands and thousands of visitors each year. Since a few years, french theme park have known an international outreach. Indeed, France is the european country which has the most theme parks. Count 52 millions visitors worldwide, especially during summer time !

France hosts a lot of diversified theme parks and all of that very close to our hotel : science, culture, nature... there is one theme park for every taste. 

Our hotel near Roissy Charles de Gaulle is very close to Disneyland Paris, famous theme park that attracted more than 10 million tourists in 2016 !

If you'd rather go and see Asterix and Obelix than Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse, the Parc Asterix theme park is also located near our hotel.

If you have young children, the theme park "La mer de Sable" invites young and old for a family outing full of adventure, close to our hotel. The theme park has a human size, you will find more than 30 attractions and a large scene in the open air for some unique live entertainment.

Theme parks are responding to a new "trend" : nowadays, people take shorter holidays than they used to and really need to escape and have fun ! Whether you are with your family or with friends, theme parks are a perfect way to spend a fabulous time. 

And if you wish to spend time your family... NOMAD Hotels was thought to host families ! What ? You haven't heard of our NOMAD family rooms ! Discover them quickly !